More Democratic Losses Could Be on the Horizon

Nathan L. Gonzales July 30, 2015 · 2:00 PM EDT

For Democrats anxious to turn the page from a terrible 2014 cycle, the news might get worse before it gets better.

Last fall, Democrats lost control of the Senate and fell further into the minority in the House, but pinned much of the blame on low turnout in the midterm elections. Party strategists were more than ready to look ahead to 2016, when the presidential race should boost turnout among Democratic constituencies. But at least one race this fall could dampen some of the Democratic enthusiasm heading into next year.

Democrats should have the advantage in Kentucky’s gubernatorial race in November, given that term-limited Gov. Steven L. Beshear is popular and Democrats have held the governorship for all but four of the past 43 years. The party has rallied behind Jack Conway, the telegenic state attorney general with two statewide victories under his belt, while Republicans have a divided party. Matt Bevin won a competitive GOP primary but is despised by some Republicans for challenging Sen. Mitch McConnell last year. And Republicans just installed a new state party chairman, fewer than four months before Election Day.

For all of those reasons, it was widely assumed that Democrats had the upper hand in the race. But there is some evidence that Democrats are at risk of…

Chris Christie’s Conundrum

Stuart Rothenberg July 29, 2015 · 10:03 AM EDT

On first glance, Christie’s bio and profile should make him a top-tier hopeful for the 2016 Republican nomination. But he isn’t — at least not right now. In this case, timing is everything.

A former county freeholder and U.S. attorney finishing his second term as governor in a very blue state,…

2016 Senate Overview: Playing Field Comes Into Focus

Nathan L. Gonzales July 24, 2015 · 2:30 PM EDT

In the dog days of summer of the off-year, Republicans and Democrats are knee-deep in candidate recruitment, fundraising, and opposition research leading into battle for the Senate in 2016.

With well over a year before Election Day, the Senate playing field is starting to take shape, as the fight…

2016 Senate Overview (July 24, 2015) Alabama - Kansas

July 24, 2015 · 2:29 PM EDT

ALABAMA – Richard Shelby (R) elected 1986 (50%), 1992 (65%), 1998 (63%), 2004 (68%), 2010 (65%). Shelby continues to stockpile money for a future institute for politics at the University of Alabama when he leaves office. The senator had $18.8 million in his campaign account at the end of June and…