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‘Big Money’ and the 2016 Elections

Stuart Rothenberg April 24, 2015 · 9:54 AM EDT

Reporters love to write about money in politics, so I shouldn’t have been at all surprised by an April 20 Washington Post article suggesting campaign finance is becoming an issue in the presidential contest.

But a front-page story above the fold that relied on a couple of anecdotes…

Senate Overview: Retirements and Primaries Matter for Majority

Nathan L. Gonzales April 17, 2015 · 3:04 PM EDT

A year and a half before Election Day, the battle for the Senate is well underway.

GOP strategists are spending the first part of the cycle encouraging their incumbents to run for re-election while Democratic strategists are recruiting challengers to vulnerable Republican senators running for re-election in competitive states.


2016 Senate Overview (April 17, 2015) Alabama - Kansas

April 17, 2015 · 3:03 PM EDT

ALABAMA – Richard Shelby (R) elected 1986 (50%), 1992 (65%), 1998 (63%), 2004 (68%), 2010 (65%). The only mystery is what Shelby will do with the $18 million in his campaign account when he doesn’t have a serious race. Safe GOP.

ALASKA – Lisa Murkowski (R) appointed Dec. 2002, elected…

2016 Senate Overview (April 17, 2015) Kentucky - New Mexico

April 17, 2015 · 3:02 PM EDT

KENTUCKY – Rand Paul (R) elected 2010 (56%). Paul announced his presidential campaign earlier this month but is planning to simultaneously run for re-election. Paul’s allies in the Legislature have been unable to change state law, which would prohibit him from doing that. But the GOP state central committee will…

2016 Senate Overview (April 17, 2015) New York - Wyoming

April 17, 2015 · 3:01 PM EDT

NEW YORK – Chuck Schumer (D) elected 1998 (55%), 2004 (71%), 2010 (66%). It took Schumer a few hours to wrap up the leadership race after Harry Reid announced his retirement. Now, Schumer will run for re-election and be the next Democratic leader in the Senate. The only question is…

Wyden Looks Safe, but Democratic Rift Is Real

Nathan L. Gonzales April 13, 2015 · 9:39 AM EDT

Liberal groups have targeted Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden for defeat in next year’s elections unless he sides with them on upcoming trade deals. But any talk about the four-term Democrat’s vulnerability is premature until there is a challenger.

“Secretive Trade Deal Could Pose Problems At Home For Ron Wyden,”…

Report Shorts (April 3, 2015) Florida Senate, Indiana Senate, Illinois Senate, Nevada Senate

April 3, 2015 · 2:26 PM EDT

Florida Senate. Republican Sen. Marco Rubio is expected to announce his presidential campaign on April 13 in Miami. He has previously said that he would choose a run for the White House or re-election and not switch back. Rubio would have been a formidable incumbent but the open seat creates…

How Reid Reacted When a Republican Senator Was Indicted

Nathan L. Gonzales April 3, 2015 · 9:00 AM EDT

After New Jersey Sen. Robert Menendez was indicted on corruption charges Wednesday, Minority Leader Harry Reid’s reaction to his colleague’s situation wasn’t particularly surprising, but it’s not because Menendez is a fellow Democrat.

“I appreciate Senator Menendez’s willingness to temporarily step down as ranking member,” the Nevada Democrat said…

Democrats Start With Narrow Advantage in Nevada Open Seat

Nathan L. Gonzales March 27, 2015 · 11:02 AM EDT

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid’s retirement ensures that Nevada will host a top-tier Senate race in 2016.

Reid’s announcement doesn’t expand the map for Republicans, since the Democrat was vulnerable if he had sought re-election to a sixth term. But the open seat is likely to be an expensive…

Lopach Leads March Toward Democratic Senate Majority

Nathan L. Gonzales March 25, 2015 · 9:16 AM EDT

Smoke billowed out of Ted Kennedy’s living room fireplace as donors gathered in his D.C. home for a fundraiser, though the legendary senator was still on the Hill for votes.

But that wasn’t too much for Tom Lopach.

“I don’t know anyone, my house is on fire and my…