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Gerlach to Retire, Pennsylvania’s 6th Moves from Safe to Lean Republican

Nathan L. Gonzales January 6, 2014 · 2:34 PM EST

When it comes to open seat opportunities, Democrats are being handed all the right seats, but they might be coming at the wrong time.

Rep. Jim Gerlach is the latest Republican to announce his retirement in a competitive congressional seat. Democrats have coveted Pennsylvania’s 6th District along…

Republicans and Democrats Exchange Gifts this Holiday Season

Nathan L. Gonzales December 27, 2013 · 3:01 PM EST

The two parties aren’t exactly on the best of terms these days, but that didn’t stop Republicans and Democrats from exchanging gifts over the past year — even if they didn’t intend to.

Instead of fruitcake, each party gave the other a sparkling set of potentially potent political…

Is Arkansas Really the Land of Opportunity for Democrats?

Stuart Rothenberg December 18, 2013 · 3:33 PM EST

When we think of political battlegrounds, states like Ohio and Florida come to mind. But every so often, a small state becomes a partisan political battleground.

This cycle, that’s Arkansas — about as unlikely a state as you might imagine.

While Democrats see Arkansas as a place…

Open 3rd District Gives Democrats Opportunity in Iowa

Nathan L. Gonzales December 18, 2013 · 12:06 PM EST

Republican Rep. Tom Latham’s retirement announcement put another GOP seat into play for Democrats and capped off a wild day in congressional handicapping. He leaves behind the 3rd District of Iowa, which should turn into a good Democratic opportunity.

On Tuesday, not only did three Members announce their…

Matheson’s Retirement Moves Utah’s 4th District to Safe for Republicans

Nathan L. Gonzales December 17, 2013 · 3:40 PM EST

Rep. Jim Matheson’s retirement means the Democratic hold on Utah’s 4th District is all but over. Matheson represented the most Republican district held by a Democrat in the House. Now that he’s gone, his party will be hard-pressed to replace him.

The presidential numbers are dismal for…

Wolf’s Retirement Moves Virginia’s 10th District from Safe to Lean Republican

Nathan L. Gonzales December 17, 2013 · 3:33 PM EST

Republican Frank Wolf’s retirement gives Democrats an opportunity to win Virginia’s 10th District next year. 

Democratic strategists have had their eye on the Northern Virginia seat, but the 17-term congressman has been a considerable roadblock in their efforts to take over the seat.

On paper, the…

Louisiana Ad Could Preview 2014 Democratic Playbook

Nathan L. Gonzales December 16, 2013 · 9:11 AM EST

A new television ad by a Democratic-aligned super PAC in Louisiana is more than an early attack ad in an important Senate race. It’s an important sneak peek into what Democratic ads could look like in races all over the country next year.

First reported by Roll…

Awards for the Best and Worst of Politics in 2013

Stuart Rothenberg December 12, 2013 · 9:33 AM EST

Yes, folks, it’s time again for my end-of-the-year awards. It’s been a weird year, but face it: Weird is the new normal in politics.

Eight weeks ago, everyone was talking about the shutdown. A month ago, it was the launch of Obamacare. Now it’s, well, I’m not sure.…

What Happened to the Campaign for Primary Accountability?

Nathan L. Gonzales December 9, 2013 · 9:56 AM EST

Competitive primaries are raging, but one of the groups that received the most attention last cycle for ousting incumbents is still on the sidelines. So far this cycle, the Campaign for Primary Accountability is nowhere to be found.

After receiving glowing press coverage in 2012, the political action…

House Democrats’ Not-So-Secret Weapon for 2014: Cash

Nathan L. Gonzales December 5, 2013 · 9:41 AM EST

House Democrats are stockpiling cash, and some GOP strategists have expressed concern that Democrats could use their financial advantage to expand the playing field.

Through October, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee raised $65 million and had $25 million in the bank for the 2014 cycle. The National…