Feingold, Sestak Face History, Former Foes in Senate Rematches

Nathan L. Gonzales March 4, 2015 · 10:38 AM EST

The Senate is filled with members who lost previous races. But Democrats Joe Sestak and Russ Feingold are trying to pull off a rare electoral feat: defeating the people who defeated them six years prior.

In 2010, Republican businessman Ron Johnson defeated Feingold, the incumbent Democrat, 52 percent to 47 percent, in Wisconsin. Feingold’s 2016 candidacy isn’t a guarantee, but all signs point to a rematch, particularly now that he has left his post at the State Department.

But in order to get back to the Senate, Feingold will have to do something that hasn’t happened in nearly a century.

According to the Senate Historical Office, 35 senators have served non-consecutive terms going back to 1913, when 17th Amendment established the direct election of senators.

But not all of those senators ended their first tenure in defeat like Feingold did. Twenty senators resigned, retired or didn’t seek election after being appointed and were elected later after being out of office for varying time spans of time.

Fourteen senators lost re-election and came back later to be elected to the Senate again, but none of them defeated the candidate who beat them the first time.

For example, Republican Slade Gorton of Washington lost re-election in 1986 to Democrat Brock Adams, but he returned to…

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